We are creating
the world's first
fully compostable marker:
the Scribit Pen


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What if all markers
in the world

were sustainable?

Designed by Scribit
and the design and innovation practice
CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati,
the Scribit pen aims to address the issue of plastic pollution produced by the global marker industry.


The natural fiber cartridge

and nib are replaceable,

so the same pen can be used for an infinite period of time.


The Scribit Pen uses water-based,
non-toxic Super Washable Ink
to guarantee high performances 
for all your drawings.


Using fully

sustainable materials

All the components of the Scribit Pen are eco-friendly, from the barrel composed of biodegradable plastic,  to the nibs and cartridges made of natural fibers, to the non-toxic ink.


Pure PHB

Water-based ink

Hemp fiber

PHB + lignin


Marker_Vista 5_Esploso 2.jpg

We dream of a world where markers do not end up in landfills

"By developing the Scribit Pen, we can turn one of humankind's primordial acts – drawing – into a fully sustainable one." says Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab.

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a better future


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